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Community Initiative for Economic SustainabilityJuly 27, 2018
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Conflict Management



Wherever there are people, there always will be conflict.

Managers have to deal with conflict in the workplace every day.


Conflicts happen!

Conflict management is the practice of being able to identify and handle conflicts sensibly, fairly, and efficiently.

Since conflicts in a business are a natural part of the workplace, it is important that there are people who understand conflicts and know how to resolve them. This is important in today’s market more than ever.

Everyone is striving to show how valuable they are to the company they work for and, at times, this can lead to disputes with other members of the team.

Coaching the parties of any relationship in an effort to recognize, and to better manage or reconcile, troublesome differences and repeating patterns of stress upon the relationship can be difficult sometimes.

How each party responds and resolves conflict will limit or enable that company’s/employee’s success.  

Are you struggling with issues that keep reappearing no matter what you do?

Are you running into challenges with your relationships, family dynamics and/or friendships? 

Do you feel “stuck” in a “dead end” job? In other words, are you “just not where you thought you would at this stage of your life?” Do you still feel misunderstood or “stuck,” even though you have reached out to family and friends?

If you answered “YES” to one or more of the questions listed above, than it may be time for you to seek professional advice from one of our network coaches.