The Eden Community Initiative

Community Initiative for Economic SustainabilityJuly 27, 2018
63 days to go.

Coaching Benefits

Coaching gives each individual, a fresh perspectives on personal challenges, enhances decision-making skills, provides greater interpersonal effectiveness, and increases confidence. It helps one to establish and take action towards achieving personal goals, become more self-reliant.


Coaching to help people learn new, creative and inspired concepts, and go from “checking it out,” to “corresponding actions,” thus assising individuals in driving personal and organizational success.

How it works:

  1. Simply request a “free and complimentary” briefing session. Then, we’ll confirm the date, time and other details for your session, (which is conducted via video or phone).
  2. We will then send you a short questionnaire, which will give us some useful background information ahead of your call. This helps you get the maximum value from our time together.
  3. During our call, we will provide you with the most effective ideas, answers and insights we know. We’ll help you with strategies, tactics… whatever you need. We will also help you identify new opportunities and help you avoid costly mistakes.


You can rely on us to be both honest and human. We speak in plain English and offer workable answers, gained from over 20 years of successfully helping individuals’ nationwide.

It’s risk free!

Whatever you want to achieve, we believe we are perfectly placed to provide the help you need. Since starting our business in 2005, we have helped thousands of individuals, entrepreneurs, as well as organizations achieve measurable results!

It’s easy!

Simply click on the link above to request your complimentary session. We will reply by email within a few moments.

Then, we’ll confirm the date, time and details, plus we’ll send you your questionnaire.


√ Our coaching agenda, based on your priorities, will tackle the important issues that come up again and again.

√ We will introduce you to simple strategies, which are proven to enhance skills, confidence and clarity.

 After a minimum of six intensive sessions, you can have the satisfaction of knowing you are performing at your best.

  • We will connect you with your ability to assess what matters most in any situation, and to be more confident about what your next steps will be.
  • You will be more at ease in crucial situations and others will be more confident in you.
  • You will have the confidence and creativity to make things happen and get the most out of your colleague and client relationship.
  • You will learn how to work with people with different thinking and communication styles, bringing the joy and success of better co-operation.

The RHEMA Coaching consortium is a joint-collaboration project. working together to pool resources and working toward achieving a chosen objective.